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Product Comparison

  • Starter Rate Per Outgoing SMS
  • Savings per 100K messages
  • Free incoming SMS
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Minimum Commits
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Free Premium Customer Service
  • Assisted Onboarding
  • Hands on TCR setup
  • Pricing Flexibility
  • Live support
  • Dashboard Navigation
  • TCR Integration & Setup

  • 0.0035

  • $440

  • Simple
  • Simple


  • 0.0079
  • Yes
  • Convoluted
  • Convoluted

Use Cases

SMS Pricing

Starts at 53% Less Than Twilio

Outgoing SMS

100,000 Msgs

Incoming SMS

50,000 Msgs
  • T E X T G R I D

    *Outgoing $.0035
    Incoming Free


    No commits. No Contracts.

  • Twilio

    Outgoing $.0079/msg
    Incoming $.0079/msg


*Plus all applicable carrier imposed surcharges


Reliable and Resilient

We built a resilient code architecture and a diverse technology stack to avoid outages, and redudancy so that data and processes are online in almost any given stress-test scenario.

HIPAA Compliant

TextGrid upholds to the highest level of privacy and security to meet the needs of our customers, including those that require HIPAA compliance.

TextGrid customers that are subject to HIPAA and intend to utilize TextGrid’s services, can execute a Business Associate Addendum (BAA) to TextGrid’s Terms of Service. Our prices are usually 50% less than Twilio’s BAA’s contracts.

All data is stored in a HIPPA compliant environment through Microsoft Azure.

Use Cases


Real-time delivery receipts and intelligence

Get better insights and understanding of what happens to your texts after you send them out. With delievery receipts and error codes, you can improve your deliverability.

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