Our Mission

World-Class SMS Messaging


In 2011, we were building an SMS company using a respected communication platform.

Everything was going great, until we needed customer support. The platform was also charging us prices we could not afford, and there was no way to negotiate with them without committing to large monthly commits. We knew there had to be a better way.

Trying Other

We tried several other providers.

However, each provider lacked either an easy integration, critical functionality, or a pricing model that fit our startup. It became even more clear, there had to be a better way for us and others.

Starting Textgrid

In 2021, we built Textgrid for

great customer service, the lowest pricing in the industry, and the easiest integration possible so that companies would not have to change their code to switch to our system.

Textgrid Takes Off

Disrupting the Industry

By now, we’ve helped start-ups and enterprise level companies switch to Textgrid to enjoy the easiest, seamless, and most cost effective communication system at scale in the industry. Those companies who have moved over to Textgrid, have not looked back.

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