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Integrate powerful SMS technology into your apps.

  • Quick Integration Into Your System
  • Reliable Delivery
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Secure Messaging
  • TCR Management

Send and receive pictures and videos

  • Larger payload of 1600 characters
  • Send Images and Videos
  • Greater Customer Engagement
  • Reliable Delivery
  • TCR Management

Send voice calls within
your apps

  • Call Forwarding and Routing
  • Receive Incoming Calls
  • Accept Keypad Input
  • Play Audio File or Text to Speech
  • TCR Management

Transform Your Business with Textgrid


Reduction in SMS savings
for shipping company


Taxi company registered 3x faster through Textgrid TCR registration


Increase in sales for healthcare company when switching to Textgrid

Use Cases

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your applications at scale by sending dynamic verification codes.

Alerts and Notification

Send automated notifications, account alerts, and reminders.

SMS Marketing

Engage with prospects and customers through their entire journy.

SMS Survey

Send and receive SMS messages to conduct surveys.

SMS Autoresponder

Automatically respond to your customers while you are away.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows by sending automated reminder messages from your system.

Real-time delivery receipts and intelligence

Get better insights and understanding of what happens to your texts after you send them out. With delievery receipts and error codes, you can improve your deliverability.

Customer Stories

“Having Textgrid help us integrate SMS, MMS, and Number Lookups into our system increased our client engagement by 75% and we could not be happier. Textgrid’s help with TCR was invaluable! “

Julies Desores

Technology director, HP

Decreased cost per acquisition by 65%

With Textgrid, HP was able to bring their messaging costs down, helping them re-invest their savings in research and development.


Decrease in customer acquisition cost


Increase in engagement level with current customers.

"Since transitioning to Textgrid's SMS and MMS API services, we've experienced significant savings and reliability. It's been transformative; from seamless integration to its array of features, Textgrid has truly redefined our approach to healthcare communication."

Samantha Rodriguez

Technology director, HP

Better reliability for SMS and Voice Interaction

With Textgrid, Teladoc was able to complete pilot programs using SMS and Voice to communicate important messages to clients.


Increase in customer satisfaction with new SMS and Voice programs.


Increase in customer retention rate with new SMS and Voice program.

“Very happy I found Textgrid. They are my go-to experts in SMS and Voice campaigns. Whenever I had an issue with my campaigns they would always offer advice that worked!

Ronald Diaz

Marketing Director, P&G

Decreased cost per messaging by 53%

With Textgrid, P&G was able to save money on their current SMS campaign and to cut costs on their customer acquisition with text messaging.


Decrease in SMS costs when switched to Textgrid.


Decrease in ad spent on customer acquisition with SMS campaign.

“Integrating Textgrid into our pilot notification system was a breeze and we immediately starting saving on our messaging bills. Really appreciate the Textgrid team and all of their expert work.

Michelle Karin

Communications Director, DHL

Decreased messagings costs by 52%

With Textgrid, HP created was able to bring their messaging costs down, helping them re-invest their savings in research and development.


Cost savings when
switched to Textgrid


Increase in deliverability on notifications to international customers.

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