Our Mission

World-Class SMS Messaging

In 2011, we built an SMS company using Twilio services. Everything was going great, until several years later we needed some hands on support from Twilio and they did not respond. On top of that, they were charging us prices that we could not afford, and there was no way to negotiate pricing without making large monthly commits.. We knew there had to be a better way.

We looked into several other providers and even did some testing with two of them. But each of the providers was lacking either a simple integration process, critical functionality, or a pricing model that fit our needs. It became even more clear that there had to be a better way for us and others.

Enter TextGrid. In 2017, we found a fledgling SMS provider called TextGrid, which seemed to have all the right ingredients. Great customer service, the lowest pricing in the industry, and the easiest integration possible so that companies would not have to change their code to switch systems. The only thing they were lacking was the financial fuel to light a fire in the industry.

So we took a chance in purchasing TextGrid and have never looked back. By now we’ve helped start-ups get to the next level in their trajectory and by the same token, helped companies of all sizes reach the peak of their trajectory. It is our pleasure to provide the pricing and service to our customers so that we can help them achieve the success they are striving for.

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