Do I need to port my number?

You can either port your number from Twilio or your previous service provider or we can provide you with a brand new phone number. We have a whole team dedicated to taking care of your porting needs for you to make it as seamless as possible. You can move from Twilio to TextGrid within minutes if we provide you a new phone number.

How Are Your Prices 50% Less Than Twilio?

We are able to provide you with prices 50% lower than Twilio’s prices because we purchase billions of messages and minutes per month in bulk and can pass those savings on to you. We also are willing to take less profit than Twilio would. Our goal is to give you the white glove service you deserve at a fraction of  the cost of our closest competitor.

Can I Try Your Service Before Moving My Messaging to TextGrid?

Yes, you can try our services for free before considering moving all of your messaging to TextGrid. Our team can show you just how easy it is to point your current APIs from Twilio to TextGrid and instantly start sending out messages through our system for a fraction of the cost of Twilio.

Do You All Provide Expert Customer Service?

We have the best SMS API experts in the world ready to help you with any questions you might have. Our entire focus as a company is servicing your API messaging needs and we know everything there is to know regarding messaging in the communication space. Please email us at if you have any questions or call us at (786) 791-8720.

Can I Talk to an Expert Before Committing?

Yes, of course. We have our experts waiting for you to call so that we can onboard you and your team as easily and quickly as possible. We guarantee we can save you 50% off your messaging needs without refactoring your code.